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Our current prices are listed below. Please note, all prices are subject to change without notice.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at 604-987-4113.

Mosquito Creek Marina and Boatyard have a Marine Travelift (strap lift) with a capacity of 50 metric tonnes. We can accommodate boats up to 60 ft in length, 16 ft beam, and 9 ft draft. Boats can be lifted for survey or quick lifts or daily storage while your boat is being repaired. Our Travel lift team strives to provide the highest level of services and environmental standards. Our boatyard provides exceptional travel lift operations, with over 20 years’ experience our highly skilled boatyard haul out crew will ensure your vessel is treated with the upmost care.

*Do you have a larger boat and need more capacity? Check out our Lynnwood Marina page for information about our new 75 tonne lift.

To book, please book online (below) or contact our staff at 604-987-4113.

Monthly + tax
Annual + tax
Lift details
Up to 29’



  • 12 free in/out, max 2 free each month on annual contract
  • 1 free in/out each month for seasonal or monthly contracts



  • Cannot bank valet lifts
  • Additional up to 35’ $140; greater than 35’ $170



  • Require 3 days notice to book lift (during boating season March to October) first come first serve basis based on booking schedule
  • Currently, power and water are limited it will not be offered for continuous use as this is storage only. 
  • This is storage only, no work can be done on the vessel, if required you will be relocated to the boatyard and be subject to regular lift to/from and daily storage rates.
  • No live aboards, no overnight stays. 
  • Access is subject to concur with our regular boatyard schedule. 
  • Gates active for key fob use between 6am-10pm, no access provided outside these hours.
  • Standard dry storage clauses (current dry storage terms to reference but not all applicable are here
  • Note lifts are busy throughout our high season particularly Monday and Friday, there is no preference given to valet customers you must conform with the available time slots and be present during launch/haul. We do not operate the lift during the weekend or any statutory holiday.
  • Monitored by security cameras.

Please email [email protected] if interested in participating in our Dryland Valet Service Program.

Service Providers

There are a wide range of marine service providers on-site including welding, electronics, fiberglass repairs, diesel, gas and outboard mechanical, among others.

Mosquito Creek Marina does not make any recommendation or provide endorsement but provides this list for your information.

Spirit Homes

The Spirit Trail Ocean Homes and Seastar homes were in 3 phases. Each home is privately owned and subject to a transfer of ownership fee at time of sale which allows the new owner to retain slip. Homes are required to renew an annual contract paying monthly moorage and annual property tax fees. Local real estate listings will provide information on any homes for sale, the Marina does not manage this. 

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